Whether you’re an adventure seeker or keen to learn the ways of the Xhosa people, Engcobo has an array of attractions and activities to make for a memorable experience.





Rock Art – Explore the caves of Engcobo and discover rock paintings documenting the life of the area’s earliest inhabitants, the San people. The area’s rock art is rated as some of the best in the world and shows the appreciation they had for wildlife. Visit Elucwecwe, Tsazo, Khalinyanga and Esinqumeni and admire these beautiful works of art first hand.

King Ngubengcuka’s Grave – Visit the tomb of the great AbaThembu king, a monument that dates back to 1830. The monument is perched on a hill overlooking a river where traditional rituals take place.

Heroes Park – Visit Heroes Park, a monument built in honour of liberation icons Dr AB Xuma, Walter Sisulu and other fine leaders. Take a stroll through the park and read the biographies of Engcobo-born freedom fighters.

Clarkebury – Clarkebury is a popular tourist destination owing to its historic significance of its Methodist mission. It was once the highest institution of learning for Africans in the area, listing the likes of Nelson Mandela and Dr AB Xuma as some of its students. The area around Clarkebury has off-road trails with breath-taking views of mountainsides and is a popular with biker clubs.

Quluqu & Tora Mass Graves – These mass graves sites serve as memorials of some of the most shocking events that led to tragic loss of life to people of Engcobo. At Qulunqu Mass Grave lie buried the remains of a multitude of people who were fataly struck by lightning. Tora Mass Grave is the final resting place of a group of 42 learners and educators who lost their lives in a car accident in May 1986.

AmaXhosa King Rharhabe and AmaBhaca King Madzikane – AmaXhosa King Rharhabe and AmaBhaca King Madzikane – Visit sites of great significance in cultural history, such as where the AmaXhosa and AmaBhaca kings Rharhabe and Madzikane died in battle.

Be sure to also visit:

  • St Albans Mission at Goso
  • All Saints Mission at All Saints
  • Manzana Mission at Manzana
  • Eluhewini Mkonto Wesizwe Camp